Unit Standard Category

Knowledge Needs of the Government

Managing Public Service delivery [PSD]

1) Supervising expenditure of public property and national resources

2) Bring about fair distributions of resources

3) A review of performance practices of state-owned enterprises [Tanzania Harbors Authority, Tanzania Revenue Authority, Tanzania Electricity Company]

4) Improvement of social service [running water, sanitation, electricity, health services and education]

5) Strengthening and improvement of economic infrastructure [ roads, new railway line, telecommunication]

6) Regional Administration and Local Government Authorities accountability [failure to collect tax, abuse of office, misappropriation of funds, poor implementation of projects]

7) Corruption in service delivery.

Development Management [DEV]

1) Sector development strategies and programmes [ indigenous people not benefiting from minerals, demands for small artisanal people to have mining areas]

2) Industrialization [construction of the new and revamping the old industries] 2

3) Community participation in agriculture, livestock and fisheries programmes such as marketing, constructions of warehouses, water dams and reservoirs.

4) Motivating the investors

Human Resource Management [HRM]

1) Migration and Employment [Lack of control in issuances of citizenship certificates, work permit]

2) Shortage of learning and teaching materials, contributions

3) Building the capacity of herders, farmers and fishermen and women in their respective sectors including fish farming training

4) Increasing number of graduate joining the labour market

5)Expand employment through industrialization

6) To enable graduates from institutions of higher learning and technical colleges to secure startup capitals

Policy Analysis and Management [POL]

1) Review of regulatory frameworks [weighbridge stations, SUMATRA, EWURA roles]

2)Broader understanding of society, special groups [violations of the rights of elderly, people with disabilities, women and children]

Public Organizational Development and Management [ODM]

1) Government Structure and Public Service

2) Generating more income and cutting Government Expenditure

3) Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Cooperation at Regional Levels

Public Management Ethics [ETH]

1) Fight against corruption and Embezzlement

2) Drug abuse

Inter-Governmental Relations [IGR]

1) Strengthening of Union

2) Strengthening the Pillars of State

3) The Process of Writing New Constitution

4) Economy and People’s expectation