Critical Questions Associated with This Method

public void start(Stage stage) throws Exception

Method that requests the PolicyPrompt FMXL which is shown to the user before the application is started. SetTitle object for the title application which is presented at the beginning of the application.

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public static void makeSectorTable()

Public method to make sector table within database. Pulls this information from a webpage named YahooFinanaceScript. This information is pulled and updates in 15 minute intervals.

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public static void startPhp()

Public static method that starts the PHP which is a scripting language used for website development. The connection is opened and then the stock information is pulled line by line and then printed out.

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public static void restartDatabase()

This method restarts the database which is pulled from the Yahoo Finance Script which now has been named Finesse.php.

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class startTask extends TimerTask



public void run() {




This startTask class extends the TimerTask of the program and it called every certain amount of minutes to basically check if the market is open or not and then runs on another thread. A run method determines if the market is open or close based on the times of 9:30 am - 4:00 pm M-F.


public static Stock connectToDatabase (String query, int t)

This public static method purpose is to connect to the database within the application.vMethod pulls necessary information: Symbol, Name, Percent_Change, Price, Price2, Price3, Days_High, and the Days_Low.

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public void strategy()

This is the strategy method that runs the trading strategy of the application. The stock is updated from the sandp500 and if the stock is in portfolio (the stock that we own) and if the stock is in the watchlist (the stocks we are watching, not owned) each strategy is performed.

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public static void main(String[] args)

The main method within this application because this application is deployed by JavaFX. The main serves only as fallback in case the application cannot be launches through deployment artifacts.


public void updateAccount()

This method simply updates the account. The method updates watch list tab, portfolio tab, and also update past tab method