Coefficient of skin friction

Direction normal to the plate

Specific heat at constant pressure

Greek Symbols

Blackbody emissive power

Thermal diffusivity

Planck’ function

Coefficient of thermal expansion

Dimensionless stream function

Pseudo similar variable

Acceleration due to gravity


Grashof number

Dynamical viscosity

Thermal conductivity

Kinematical viscosity

Absorption coefficient

Dimensionless temperature

Rosseland absorption coefficient

Viscosity/temperature parameter

Characteristic length

Temperature ratio parameter

Radiation parameter


Nusselt number

Stefan-Boltzmann constant

Prandtl number

Shearing stress

Hall parameter

Dimensionless streamwise coordinate

Density temperature parameter

Stream function

Thermal conductivity parameter



Property at the wall

Velocity component in -direction

Freestream condition

Velocity component in -direction


Streamwise coordinate


Differentiation with respect to only