Answers to open-ended questions:

ž I was reminded that when I was a child I caught a beetle in a mountain.

ž I did not feel disgust, and if anything, I felt soothed.

ž I had a nostalgic feeling that reminded me of my early childhood when I played in the sandbox at a park.

ž I felt nostalgic and remembered my childhood and playing with beetles.

ž When I was a high school student, I studied horticultural therapy.

ž I imagined rice fields and the area around my parents’ home.

ž I imagined a forest.

ž I was reminded of the soil in fields of rice and vegetables. (Since there are rice fields and vegetable fields around my parent’s home, I had experienced smelling soil in the past).

ž I had thought that the soil might have an unpleasant smell; however, it was not as unpleasant as I had expected.

ž Imagined a park.

ž I could not imagine anything.

ž Non-response.