Scientific process

Artistic Processes

Science shows aspiration to inspire

Inspiration in art leads to material manifestation

Tries to reveal deeper layers of nature

Provides portals to magical dimensions

Based on satisfying fundamental curiosity

Tries to render the familiar unfamiliar

Acquires knowledge by probing experience

Expresses personal experience and knowledge

Claims objectivity that denies human bias

Acclaims subjectivity that denies social context

Aims at universal consensus (laws)

Stresses individual experience and perception

Strongly based on common rules

Highlights freedom from the known

Concepts exposed to professional evaluation

Evaluation of products by colleagues is seldom

Based on previous knowledge

Historical context not primarily leading

Build on experimental research

Based on expression of feeling and scrutinizing ideas

Aims at a universal view of the world

Is based on personal view of the world

Highly organized communication networks

Communication between artists more incidental

Requires extensive preparation/ study

Is also initiated with limited preparation

Is highly orientated towards high-tech

Technical aspects are often traditionally based

Societal impact is often long term

Cultural impact can be rapidly demonstrated

Is largely structured via specialization

Often shows more holistic approaches

Reward is shown in citations and prizes

Rewards are shown in public awards and media

Science strategy follows money

Commercial art is rejected, yet high prizes are paid

Scientific quality is aimed at by peer review

Quality more shown by public appreciation

Results widely spread by publication

Results shown by local expositions and internet

Shows hierarchy and scientific leadership

Questions authority and breaks rules

Breakthroughs can be based on serendipity

Unconscious impulses drive intuitive approaches

Aims at a higher truth (theory of everything)

Likes diversity, unorthodoxy and many truths

Conscious for ethical aspects of science

Ethics should be honored, but no censorship

Multidisciplinary approaches are favored

Gaps between art disciplines are often huge