o Each individual develops a worldview that is more or less consistent

o Scientist therefore tend to reject exceptions and refute anomalies, claiming to have a skeptic attitude

o The worldview is created by interaction of the individual with the environment

o Often skepticism takes a form of ?oral space fright?and is poorly affected by self-criticism

o Worldviews are integrated in a mental biography that is constantly adapted to personal needs

o Scientists are often poorly educated in analyzing the processes they are part of themselves

o A worldview is an implicit part of self-esteem and thus of intellectual survival

o Some scientists identify alternative thinking as an attack on their personal integrity/worldview

o Personal worldviews tend to be intensely defended on the basis of their supposed meaning

o Some tend therefore to disqualify opponents or refrain from giving sufficient credits to them

o Scientific exploration always takes place within the context of a personal worldview

o Alternative and innovative thinking, however, is an essential part of proper scientific endeavor

o Scientists have a worldview that is often claimed by them as objective and rational

o Scientists are increasingly involved in money making and commercial science policies

o However scientists can never be fully objective and rational since their worldview is, per definition, personal and subjective

o Some scientists loose independence, invalidating their societal task of critical professional assessor

o Due to this field of tension, scientists look for moral support and professional consensus

o Scientific findings that are not in the interest of multinationals, sometimes become discredited in public

o Consensus is always temporary and so are scientific theories and worldviews

o Scientists in such an underlying position have no formal opportunity to submit their complaints

o Scientists thus are striving for safety, a phenomenon that usually is found in mainstream science

o Potential breakthroughs in science may (initially) be largely frustrated by a scientific establishment

o Scientist therefore tend to reject exceptions and refute anomalies, claiming to have a skeptic attitude