1. Draw up work

1.1 Planning work order

1.2 Conducting work permit system

1.3 Equipment diagnostics

1.4 Risk assessment of each planned activity

1.5 Tool box meeting before startup of each work

1.6 Documenting the permit to work system

2. Mobilization

2.1 Crane sea-fastening

2.2 Survey equipment installation

2.3 ROV system installation

2.4 Providing side effecting equipment

3. Positioning the vessel in the site

3.1 Apply GPS and thrusters to being stable in the site

4. Startup survey system

4.1 Check beacon, multi beam, USBL to ensure that they work

4.2 Property connect the beacon and underwater gyro cable to the load

5. Prepare lifting equipment

5.1 Connect properly wire and belts to the load

5.2 Check if wires/belts are out of order or not

5.3 Check the safety factors and breaking load for wires and working load for belts

6. Lower support down

6.1 Check the speed of lowering process specially near the surface

7. Check the position of support by survey team

7.1 Monitor the load transitional and rotational position in the sea

8. Check the position of support by ROV team

8.1 ROV takes the fix point for validation of the load position

9. Release the support in the seabed

9.1 Check the position, if it is ok release the load