1) desire to return emerged from life as a long-term evacuee

place where you want to reconstruct your life that you can see only from a distance

I had no choice but to return to my home where to rebuild my life

D, I

I decided where I wanted to live, giving priority to my thoughts


I was convinced of my desire to return home


there is a desire to continue to want to return

I kept the attachment of the place where I was originally because I was a man

D, I

I wanted to keep my house full of history

B, I

my desire to return was boosted by the opinion of others who wanted to return

D, I

hope for a life you want to realize in evacuation

I realized the comfort that I could get from my home because I evacuated

C, E, F

I realized where I wanted to be away

B, C, E, F, G, H, I

I want to choose where to end my life because of my unprecedented experience

C, F, H

2) desire to return was retained by having obtained information about the original place of residence

feeling of return to know that my home was safe

I knew the situation of the place where I was, I realized that it would not start unless I maintained it

A, I

I knew I was going back home because I knew I was safe

E, F

preparation for returning to work that I wanted to return to

I’ve been preparing to return beause I want to go home

A, B, C, D, E, I

emigrating to an easy-to-return place to prepare for return was my will

A, B, C, H

3) the will to return was acquired from long-term life as a refugee

recognizing that evacuation was a mental stress that affected health

recognized that unstable evacuation life was a mental stress that affected my health

G, H

due to age, recognized that the health effects after returning were one of the causes of evacuation


realized the family ties again in the evacuation life

seeking a new way to connect with the younger generation

B, D, E, F

the understanding of the familly has been a tailwind for the choice of returning home

B, G

realized that the presence of my family would support own

B, H

4) the desire to return was retained while the potential risks of returning were accepted

even if I heard the opinion of others who did not return, I kept my intention to return

I kept my willingness to return even if I heard a different opinion

A, G, I

even if I saw a person who made a different choice from myself, I continued to intend to return


did not care much about others’ opinions on return


possible risks after return and perceived circumstances were acceptable

I realized from my knowledge of radiation that the risks of radiation were intimidating

A, D

accept possible radiation risk on return

D, F, I

accept possible living environment risks on return

C, D

consider the potential risks of returning

it is important to compare possible risks when considering the safety aspects of nuclear power plants


returning/not returning is not a big difference given the possible risks in Japan


given the risks of reconstruction, it is difficult to judge how much reconstruction is required