Quality of marital relationship

A) Masking feelings

B) Marital difficulties

C) Importance of a good marital relationship

D) Reciprocal influence

E) Carer patient congruence

F) Attachment orientation

G) Personal satisfaction

H) End of life carers’ experiences

Effective communication

A) Communication between a couple

B) Communication between the HCPP and the couple

C) Couples’ needs for information

Carers’ burden and carers’ need for support

A) Caring tasks

B) Physical effects

C) Social effects

D) Psychological effects

E) Carers’ need for support

F) Carer coping mechanisms

Coordination of care services among HCP

A) Improving provider relationship-building skills

B) Hospital conditions

C) Inadequate equipment

D) Overcoming time barriers

E) Involvement of patients and carers in the healthcare practice

F) Education of patient and carer

G) Fear of use of pain medication