Study Type


Population/Sample Size


Adverse Effects


Unblinded Multicenter Trial

Nimodipine (60mg/4h orally) and IV MgSO4 of 2g/h and 1g/h

1650 women with severe pre-eclampsia

MgSo4 is more effective and has lower mortality rate than Nimodipine in women with severe pre-eclampsia

Increases the risk of PPH and respiratory difficulty


Multicenter RCT

MgSo4 Versus Diazepam Versus Phenytoin

1680 women with eclampsia from 9 countries

MgSo4 has 52% (95% CI) and 67% (95% CI) lower risk of recurrent convulsions than diazepam and phenytoin respectively

Not Reported


Prospective Trial

4g IV MgSO4 followed by i.m. injections or IV 0.6g/h

630 women with eclampsia

Both interventions are equally effective in the prevention of convulsion recurrence and maternal deaths

Not Reported



IV magnesium sulphate (4g) versus Placebo

685 Women with Severe pre-eclampsia

IV MgSo4 is effective in reducing the incidence of severe pre-eclampsia

Not Reported



IV MgSo4 (6g), followed by 2g/h

222 Women with mild pre-eclampsia

No major impact on disease progression. Does not seem to increase rates of cesarean delivery, infectious morbidity, obstetric hemorrhage.

Not Reported



MgSo4 with different dose

6 RCTs with 866 women

Strong evidence in favour of MgSo4. Lack of clarity for best dose size/route

Not Reported



MgSo4 Compared With Lytic Cocktail

3 small trials involving 397 women

MgSo4 is more effective in reducing MM and serious maternal morbidity than Lytic cocktail.

Recurrence of seizures.



MgSO4 and Other Anticonvulsants

15 RCTs with more than 12000 women

MgSo4 reduce the risk of eclampsia by 50% (95% CI) and is more effective than phenytoin, diazepam or nimodipine