Concept definition


Providing various stimuli to elicit inner aspects

Providing a variety of stimuli, such as changing the setting, to elicit other aspects of a person.

I try to increase opportunities for various outings even a little bit. If a person needs to shop for daily necessities, we go out together. Doing this leads people to say things that they would not usually say, such as “Ah! It’s started snowing” or “It’s cloudy, isn’t it?” (9)

Respecting feelings at different times

Valuing and considering ever-changing feelings influenced by changes in symptoms of dementia, various environments, and other factors.

I guess I value the feelings of each user the most. […] Their feelings change with the weather, temperature, or sunlight alone, such as wanting or not wanting to go out. When we constantly repeat an amazing event that they liked, they instead become fed up with that event. I want to create an environment where people can voice their feelings at different times. (20)

Understanding feelings towards others arising from camaraderie

Understanding that elderly people with dementia make an effort to adapt to those around them out of camaraderie, and those difficulties developed in this as dementia progresses lead to stress in these elderly people.

When people live together, they seem to have a strong feeling that they must do what they can to help out. However, when they become unable to help out because of cognitive decline or another reason, this instead causes stress to build. To eliminate this stress, I do various things for each person. I make sure they can relax. (20)