Selected exemplary quote

Bridging Theory to Clinical Practice

“The real opportunity that we passed through was when we connect what we had learned from simulation to advance our clinical experience. Just I will remember what I did in the simulation laboratory and I will follow the same when I’m dealing with the real patient as if it was not my first time in doing the procedure or diagnosing the case.”

“The HFS laboratory gave me the sense of hospital atmosphere…it contains the same equipment, and indeed, with the scenario that the instructor used, I felt that I’m in real-life situation”.

“I went back over my notes that I took in the lecture and had a look at the way that I can deal with a CHF patient, actually it was a good experience to link the lectures to simulation and the simulation to clinical practice”.

“from this training…from the simulation…I can learn how to assess a patient’s condition…it is like a realistic method to practice nursing procedures and patients diagnoses”.

“The simulator permitted me to convert what I learned…the theory…into practice and work with my hands…I’m feeling that I started to be a nurse…beautiful feeling for the first time”.

Developing Critical Thinking and Decision-making

“Simulation imitated what I have been taught in the classroom”.

“I implemented the knowledge that I have learned previously to interpret the data, it helped me to realize the needs of the patients identified the abnormal signs and symptoms”.

Practicing Safely Leads to Enhancing Confidence

“it is safer for me to do mistakes here on the manikin for several times than to do them out there in the real hospital life”…this experience gave me the confidence to face the reality of patients in their units”.

“simulation helped me more to be more confident and trust my abilities”.

“what I went through in the scenario offered me confidence…I already recognized the sequence of the steps that I have to perform in advance…it augmented my confidence in practice

Developing Teamwork Spirit and Students’ Motivation to Earn and Practice More

“the group work forced me to discuss some issues in the group, introduce and pose my ideas and seek help from-my classmates. Negotiations were going on throughout the group work between the group members”.

“It really motivated me to work hard as I felt self-confident to work between the group members where no fear from harm to human beings existed. This was a beneficial experience because it is like a real working experience within the health care teams”.