May be related to

Inability to coordinate sucking, swallowing, and breathing

Inability to initiate or sustain effective suck


Possibly Evidenced by

presence of signs/symptoms establishes an

actual diagnosis


The neonate will

Not lose more than 10% of birth weight within first week of life.

Gain 4 - 7 oz (113.5 - 198.5 g) after first week of life.

Remain hydrated.

Receive adequate supplemental nutrition until able to suckle sufficiently.

Establish effective suck-and-swallow reflexes that allow for adequate intake of nutrients.

The parents will

• Identify factors that interfere with neonate establishing effective feeding pattern.

• Express increased confidence in their ability to perform appropriate feeding techniques.

Weigh neonate at the same time each day on the same scale to detect excessive weight loss early.

Continuously assess neonate’s sucking pattern to monitor for ineffective patterns.

Record growth by plotting daily weight and weekly measurements of body length and head circumference.

Assess parents’ knowledge of feeding techniques to help identify and clear up misconceptions.

Assess the need for nutrition. The neonate may temporarily require alternative means of obtaining adequate fluids and calories.

Teach parents to place the neonate in the upright position during feeding to prevent aspiration.

For breast-feeding, ensure that the neonate’s tongue is properly positioned under the mother’s nipple to promote adequate sucking.

Baby T was able to consume 12 × 16 cc formula with breastmilk per a day. Initially he was taking by orogastric catheter after a couple of weeks we started giving oral, he could tolerate. He has been gaining weigh 20 - 30 gr for each day.