Campo VM (2016)

Examined 21schizophrenia patients whereby patients were involved in experimental group and nine in the corresponding group. Corresponding group was given typical treatment leisure & occupational therapy. The experimental group established usual treatment in addition to twelve session (60 minutes per week) as well as education element on emotional awareness and a short lively cartoon for mind theory and attribution style training, plus computerized metacognitive feedback

The intervention group

received usual treatment in addition one and half month training session on emotional perception and a short lively cartoon, attribution style, mind theory & metacognitive feedback .

pre/post intervention pilot study was conducted

For the studied subject. After the Training, statistically considerable results were obtained for EP (Ekman 60 Faces Test), ToM (Hinting Task, Faux Pas, Happé), AS (Ambiguous Intentions Hostility Questionnaire).

Result indicting that training course can be more efficient in enhancing on emotional perception, attribution style, mind theory & metacognitive feedback.