Fiszdon, J. M., & Reddy, L. F. (2012)

literature search target social cognitive interventions in schizophrenia

Present data on nearly fifty researches assess a variety of social cognitive interference

review study

A variety of interference have been initiated that aim improving recognizing emotions, including Mind theory, social awareness, Affect recognition attempt have been the most frequent interference but there is no attempt have specifically directed to improve attributional style, social knowledge, or emotional intelligence.

Almost all of the interferences remained helpful in enhancing methods of emotion recognition, indicative of that affect awareness is flexible

Vita A et al. (2018)

Reviewed researches by revising various pharmacological cognitive enhancers supposed to enhance cognition in schizophrenia and mood disorders.

Provide information on various drugs targeting neuroplasticity improving for schizophrenia

review study

Medications can proper modify neuro chemical discrepancies that trigger neuroplasticity alterations in the brain, while cognitive exercise may make the creation of more adaptive neural circuits

The future studies should examine the durability effects of enhancing plasticity-using drugs alongside with cognitive teaching to bring the configuration of more steady neural circuits

Tabak, N. T et al. (2015)

Examined emotional Intelligence & its relation to clinical and social factors among studied groups. Thirty five schizophrenia or Bipolar I & thirty eight matched corresponding group were included

Studied subject in both groups finished society performance and symptom presentation

descriptive correlation design

Results reveal that both groups show considerable poorer perceived emotional Intelligence Trait than corresponding group, but did not change from each other. Higher emotional intelligence traits associated with elevated levels of self-governing living in both groups.

The results propose that perceived EI is making worse and connected to social performance in both groups