Key ecosystem services

Main references

l Ecosystem services generally

[13] [22] [30] - [35]

l Attenuation of storm flow inferring reduced flood risk

l Reduced/deferred stormwater system maintenance

l Improved quality of stormwater

[9] [10] [11] [12] [36] - [44]

l Health and wellbeing (the biophilic value of GRs)

l Passive recreation

See references listed for first function listed. There are limited data though there are a number of scholarly writings on the psycho-emotional benefits of biophilia, that is, access to or views of natural areas e.g. [45]

l Roof top temperature reduction contributing to UHI mitigation

See references above plus [29] [46] [47] and [48]

l Improved PV performance by combining with a green roof installation, leading to minor CO2 reduction at power plants

See references above plus [14] [48] - [53]

l Biodiversity conservation and protection including endangered and threatened flora and fauna

[32] [54] - [60]

l CO2 sequestration (though minor compared to street trees)

For example, [9] [43] and [61]