National institutional framework


Law 1469/1950

Historical sites and sites of specific natural beauty

Law 998/1979

Protection of Forests

Law 1650/1986

Protection of the Environment

Law 204/1994

Convention for the biological diversity

Law 2637/1998

Refuges of wild life

Law 2742/1999

Land-Planning and Sustainable Development and other provisions

Law 3044/2002

Setting up of Management Bodies for Natural Protected Areas

Law 3937/2010

Framework for the creation and functioning of management bodies of protected areas

Law 3937/2011

Conservation of biodiversity and other provisions

State Resolution 80/40/1990

Protection of plant genetic resources of the country

State Resolution 67/1981

Protection of native flora and the wild fauna

State Resolution 434/30/1995

Conservation and protection of races of local domestic animals and biotopes of landscapes

Law 996/1971

National Parks, aesthetic forests and nature monuments under conservation

Law 191/1974

Ratification of Ramsar Convention Protection of International interest wetlands

Law 855/1978 - 1634/1984

Ratification of Barcelona Convention Protection of Mediterranean Sea from pollution

Law 1335/1983

Ratification of Bern Convention, Conservation of wild life and natural environment in Europe

Law 2719/1999

Ratification of Bonn Convention, Conservation of migratory species of wild life

Law 2971/2001

Sea-shores and other provisions

Law 743/1977

Protection of marine environment

Law 1269/1982

Prevention of Sea Pollution from ships