Interventions categorized by professions

Overview of parent-child intervention programs by population

Parent-child intervention programs prevalent in the world

Popular intervention programs that are not evidence-based

1) Parent-child interventions in sleep difficulties

1) Four parent-child intervention programs during pregnancy

1) Living with children

1) PET-Parent Effectiveness Training

2) Occupational therapy: Three Intervention Programs

2) Overview of mixed programs for single-parent mothers

2) The incredible years

2) STEP—Systematic Training for Effective Parenting

3) Physical therapy: Five intervention programs

3) Intervention programs for fathers

3) HNC—Helping The Noncompliant Child

3) Triple P: Positive Parenting Program (USA)

4) Communication disorders: Two intervention programs in the areas of language and literacy.

4) Healthy family America for at-risk populations

4) PCIT—Parent Child Interaction Therapy

4) EHS—Early Head Start (USA)

5) Nutrition: Community intervention to promote healthy life habits among children and youth

6) Psychology: Three parent-child intervention programs focused on attachment