Xie & Yang (2010)

A Study on Management Risk Evaluation System of Large-Scale Complex Construction Projects

● Grey Systems Risk Evaluation technique

● Case study of Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center in China

● Questionnaires and Interviews

● Descriptive and inferential statistics

Method was capable of reflecting greyness, fuzziness and randomicity of data in the organization of sophisticated projects

There is need for reasonable and scientific method of evaluating risks

Lack of risk management tool

Adhikari (2011)

Sustainability Analysis of Hydropower in Nepal

● Quantitative methods

● Literature review

● Involved the Government, NGOs and sector stakeholders

Sustainability of those projects was above acceptable levels

Need to develop more sustainability measures to reach the international standards

Stakeholder involvement

Shebob, Dawood & Xu (2011)

Analyzing construction delay factors: A study of building construction project in Libya

● Randomly selected construction companies in Libya

● Semi structured interviews

Change in projects’ scopes; delays in material supplies, changing prices, and inadequate skills among workers cause delay in construction works nationally

Inadequate labour management and failure by different stakeholders to meet the set timelines lead to delays

● Inadequate labour skills

● Stakeholder conflict

Mohamed (2015)

A Study of Project Delay in Sudan Construction Industry

● Quantitative design

● Questionnaire for beneficiaries, consultants and contractors

Fluctuation in prices for construction materials, inaccurate time and cost estimates, negative social impacts, materials shortage, and litigation cause delays

Risk mitigation measures are quality cycles, joint risk management, and information sharing.

● Poor time, labour and cost estimates

● Stakeholder interference

Tipili & IIyasu (2014)

Evaluating the impact of risk factors on construction projects cost in Nigeria.

● Self-administered questionnaires

● Professionals in the construction industry in Nigeria

● Probability score

● ANOVA was utilized to evaluate likelihood

● Time and cost related risks are likely to occur with more impact on project completion

● Environmental factors are less likely to occur with least impact on projects

Risks vary in severity and occurrence among projects

● Time and cost related risks

● Environmental factors

Mweresa (2013)

Impact of Increasing Building Construction Costs on Effective Implementation of Public Projects: A Case Study of the Projects Initiated by the Ministry of Public Works within Nairobi County – Kenya

● Quantitative analysis method by descriptive statistics

● Purposive sampling used to select 40 respondents

● Questionnaires and document analysis

● Work definition, bureaucracy in government, risk allocation; timeliness; requirements’, resource planning, inefficient preparation and contractors’ inabilities have notable impacts on completion

Risks in construction projects result from inadequate managerial practices.

● Cost estimates, Time related risks

● Labour related risks

● Managerial practices