Špačková (2012)

Risk management of tunnel construction projects

● Descriptive research design

● Questionnaires and interview schedule

● Tunnel construction projects in Czech Republic

Uncertainties arise from human & organizational factors and unknown geotechnical conditions not identified beforehand

Adopt reliable prediction system which estimate risk factors using a probabilistic model

● Human factors

● Organizational factors

● Geotechnical conditions

Osipova (2008)

Risk management in construction projects: a comparative study of the different procurement options in Sweden

● Nine construction companies

● Surveys and interviews

● consultants, contractors and project owners

● No iterative method for risk management

● Risks were high during the program phase

Parties involved in executing projects could cooperate to work together to minimize risks

● Time

● Quality and

● Cost related risks

Odeh & Battaineh (2002)

Causes of construction delay: traditional contracts.

● Construction project in Jordan

● Survey method

● Labour efficiency

● Inadequate experience among contractors and consultants

● Owner interference are the leading causes of delay

Project management and interaction between stakeholders result in project delays

● Labour efficiency

● Incompetent consultants

● External interference

Aibinu & Jagboro (2002)

The effects of construction delays on project delivery in Nigerian construction industry

● 61 construction projects in Nigeria

● Risk assessment and evaluation form

● Delays had significant implications for project execution in the country

Failing to complete task in time as scheduled occur frequently among contractors

● Time related risks

Ke, Wang & Chan (2012)

Risk management practice in China’s Public-Private Partnership projects

● Structured interviews with 20 managers in the sector in China

● Comparison using Lyons & Skitmore (2004) questionnaire

● Inadequate risk management

● High preference for qualitative risk assessment

● Lack of risk management tools

Lack of risk management culture responsible for lack of implementation of risk assessment

Inadequate training and tools for risk assessment and management