Plan Stages


Presented Academic Material


Self-assessment standards

Educational targets

From the sketching to the embodiment

First Week

8 hours

Elements and Principles of design

Practical practice 1:


-Determine two elements of design: Dot and Line

-Choose a principle of design

-Build two-dimensional composition in an area 7/7 cm


Train on design composition by using evaluation standards in order to be able to express a principle determined from the start of design according to steps determined in Figure 1

-All what has been expressed to re-start the design with a new principle.


Reach the determined principle by use the elements of developing drawing skills.

-Use intensity for dot/line

-Change font for dot/line

-A Pro-rata in building relation in composition

-Expressive dimension of composition

-The response to the principle determined since the start of design by use elements and accuracy for standards.

Start the expertise of design from initial concepts and knowledge

-Recognize difficulties between determining choices and expressing them based on the drawing

-Train on building design relations from a certain goal and principle

-Enable the student from gaining gradual skills and knowledge