Education Target

Theoretical Bases

-Identify the concepts that are fundamental for designing (Design/Designing idea/Designing process/Designing product/Designer’s role…).

-Collective discussions that are familiar with the basic concepts in designing and adopting a clear method of how to use and apply it during the next stages.

-A Critical and Analytical readings that build the bases of critical thinking.

Build an awareness of the designing privacy as a complicated specification in which many critical data interfere.

-Identify the design elements (Dot, line, area, shape… etc.)

-Identify the design principles (Balance/contrast/rhythm/pro-rata).

-An Analytical reading of the designed composition with concentrating on the relation between designing act and the expressive dimension of the components.

Build a critical thinking and connect the concepts with the design act by Visual perception (Gestalt).

Be aware of creativity in the compositions.

-Identify the composition (relations/dimensions/areas/elements/ principles) with concentrating on the designing process through the importance of creating relations between elements.

Practical application

-Identify the sketching as a designer language (the concept of drawing/drawing types: two or three-dimensional drawing…).

Preliminary exercises (lines/regular forms...).

-Build an awareness of the expressionist drawing dimension.

-Build awareness of the concept of relations between Annasrmen through drawing and cognition.

-Practical individual training according to the drawn targets for each training and requirements in the set educational plan.

-Determining the assessment standards and focusing on the necessity of self-assessment before passing to the

assessment based on teaching.

-The student should get used to taking responsibilities in achieving tasks.

-The student should gain self-confidence.

Collective reform for tasks relating to the objective assessment of an individual and recognize his level compared with the other individual in the group.

-The student should have an ability to do an objective assessment for his work.

-The student should be aware of the necessity of considering drawing as a skill by which she can highlight and express the characteristics of Idea.

-Connecting between concepts and skills regarding the expressing dimension of drawing.