Comparison for Node 2: Lansing East Michigan Ave.

Present streetscape Representative of the zoning code

Alternative streetscape Representative of the form-based code

Basis for Alternative Streetscape Images Development: Form-based Code Application

・ Based on Casper’s Old Yellowstone District Form Based Code

・ Zone 2. Areas coded for this zone are secondary in intensity and, are intended to support the bulk of the commercial and business ground floor uses within the Old Yellowstone District and South Poplar Street Corridor. Building types include perimeter block, stacked flats, courtyard, and parking buildings.

・ Awning Signs

o Awnings are limited to first and second floor uses only. Awnings shall be mounted on the building in such a way that they project over individual windows and door openings.

o Backlit, translucent, internally illuminated awnings are prohibited.

o Sign area or sign lettering shall comprise no more than thirty percent (30%) of the total exterior surface of an awning. Any graphic logo or text printed on an awning will be counted toward the total maximum allowable sign area.

・ Wall Signs

o Wall signs shall not project from the surface upon which they are attached more than twelve inches (12”).

o Wall signs and “ghost” signs painted directly on a structure are appropriate.

o The maximum total wall signage per façade shall not exceed two (2) square feet per linear foot of building façade length of the wall on which it is to be located. In no case shall total wall signage exceed a maximum of three hundred (300) square feet for any building.

・ Window Signs

o Window signs shall not cover more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the area of each window.