Approaches to end child abuse

Individual and family

· Perinatal screening procedures

· Parent and carer training (non-violence parenting practices, child development)

· Early home visitation efforts

· Family support and preservation services

· Strength-based family practices

· Services for children traumatised by abuse and neglect

· Services for parents who were abused as children

· Services for children who witness or experience family, school or community/societal violence and abuse

· Child education about personal safety

· Early childhood care and education

Medical and health

· Training for health care professionals

· Screening by health care professionals

· Integration in education and relevant curriculums


· Local and national policies and initiatives

· Mandatory reporting

· Child-protection services

· Child abuse and fatality specialised investigative teams

· Prosecution policies and laws

· Mandatory treatment for offenders


· School and educational programmes

· Community campaigns to change community attitudes and behaviour

· Media and social marketing campaigns and approaches (e.g., eradicate cultural acceptance of violence)

Society (local and national)

· Address poverty and employment opportunities (economic conditions)

· Improve educational systems

· Improve childcare services

· Social-justice approaches to address various disadvantages including reducing social and health inequalities

· Public-health strategies and efforts

· Primary prevention and public-health models

Society (global community)


· International laws prohibiting child abuse and neglect in all its forms (e.g., child sex trafficking, community/military violence)