Daıly social life

Daıly educational life

Daily sport life

· Social Isalotion Wall limited by society’s rules.

· A field where presentation of self is realized( role and status expectations)

· Stigmatization by the social environment

· Society 5.0

· Change of status and roles

· Achivements and respects

· Moral and material satisfaction

· Normalization of views

· Atractiveness of new role

· Traditional Education Wall limited by curriculums

· Playing successful student role.

· Education whics is not in accordance with specific features.

· Passive and passifying structure,

· Achievements which are not connected the real life

· Soidarity of peers and school

· Education 4.0

· Learning by playing

· Approrriateness for creativity and feature of person

· Attractiveness of gamification for students

· Motivation and ambition good for feelings

· Chance to build new identity

· From spoilt to sportman/athlete identity

· Gaining self-esteem and self confidance to explore capacity

· Destroying isolation walls and supporting communication by transformation

· Sport 4.0

· Attractiveness of sport