Love styles

Main characteristics


Primary style

It is typical of persons with passionate and romantic attitude toward love; it is based on passion feeling as well as physical and emotional attraction toward partner


Primary style

It is a typical attitude of persons who see love as a game; the focus of ludus people is on having fun in the moment and therefore they live their relationship in an uncommitted way


Primary style

It is a friendly love attitude, as the persons with this love style tend to express friendship feeling toward the others; their couple relationships are based also more on similar interests and commitment with the partner rather than on passion


Secondary style

It is the expression of a manic attitude towards love, implying possessive and obsessive behaviours; the persons with this love style need to be loved by one’s partner and they are possessive and jealous lovers


Secondary style

It is typical of persons who express a pragmatic and rational attitude toward love; for this reason, they tend both to choose the partner basing upon the characteristics they believe are important to them and to look for partners with whom they can share common goals


Secondary style

This love style distinguished persons with altruistic attitudes and behaviours; they tend to live an unconditional, selfless love, and they tend in willing to sacrifice anything for the others to whom they provide support, care and respect