Group stage

Unit Objectives

Theme Activities


Creating the therapeutic alliance

1) The establishment of cooperation, open group atmosphere.

2) To clarify the objectives of the group and to assist members in understanding the purpose and content of the group.

3) Establish community norms that explain the principle of confidentiality.

1) Our promise

2) Hatching bean sprouts


Identifying strengths

1) To confirm the advantages of members (physical, psychological, social, economic, etc.)

2) To structure its life story

3) Name and give meaning to the strengths you want to develop.

1) Seed stage

2) A small green man


Assessing presenting problems

To re-structure weaknesses or concerns into another advantage.

1) Magic crystal soil planting

2) Downside planted


Encouraging and instilling hope

1) Application advantages to achieve the goal.

2) Encourage individual efforts and progress, not the result of effort.

1) Handmade soap


Framing solutions

1) Adjust the perspective of the problem.

2) To find a solution to the problem.

1) Weeds are my teacher

2) Magic beans


Building strength and competence

Self-made change of resource, environmental resource can also provide assistance (emphasis on themselves and the environment).

1) Leaves printing

2) Flower arrangement



1) Application of the advantages of a positive impact on life.

2) Application advantages to the future change.

1) Flower arrangement

2) Combination potted plants



1) Change is a process rather than an independent event.

2) Use the advantages to stimulate change.

1) Hanging basket weaving

2) Knitting baskets


Building resilience

1) The error is the opportunity to learn and does not represent failure.

2) Have the ability to see the difficulties faced, the development of good response skills.

1) Personal sand play

2) Group sand play


Evaluating and terminating

Confirm members change and give more encouragement.

1) Green bean soup

2) Wish card and bless card writing

3) Reflection―my growth