Evaluation Questions

Source of Information

Context and intervention logic

- Was the development challenge addressed by the project a real priority and need felt by final beneficiaries?

- Who are the stakeholders involved and what are their roles? What are the interests and motives of different actors?

- Is the political, cultural, socio-economic, institutional, regulatory context playing a role in influencing the attainment of benefits?

- Are there any political, social, cultural, economic, regulatory, or institutional constraints?

- East African Community Coordinating Agency

- Ministry of works in Tanzania

- Ministry of Finance in Tanzania

- Ministry of Finance in Kenya

- Ministry of roads in Kenya

- Municipalities

- Civil society

Relevance and QaE

- Was the project design of such a good quality to be a key factor for the future success of the project?

- On which dimensions of project design and preparation (e.g. governance structure, economic viability, implementation arrangements, etc.) have resources and efforts been mainly spent?

- Were the ex-ante forecasts based on a sound methodology and a comprehensive set of information?

- On which aspects was the project design and preparation weaker? Were there some important factors not sufficiently considered ex-ante?

- Was there an indication in the project design of how future welfare gains will split between the two countries?

- To what extent is this distribution of benefits and costs between participating countries fair?

- Are there winners and losers?

- East African Community Coordinating Agency



- J. Burrow

- GIBB Africa


- Is the project fostering regional integration by facilitating the exchange of goods and services between countries? Is it removing barriers to trade? Is it reducing travel time for freight and passengers?

- Is it playing a role in harmonizing legal and procedural systems? Is it increasing territorial cohesion within the region through urban-rural or core/periphery or cross-border dynamics?

- Is it inducing any institutional learning in the countries and in the REC? Is it raising political awareness of countries over the theme of the regional integration? Is it having effects on the level of corruption?

- Does a causal relationship exist between the future benefits and the arrangement for governance/stakeholders’ involvement?

- What arrangements have the project management put in place to promptly react to exogenous, unpredictable, events? What remedial actions have been foreseen?

- Have there been any unexpected events? If yes, were they due to their purely exogenous nature? Or, was it due to poor planning capacity?

- East African Community Coordinating Agency

- Ministry of work in Tanzania

- Ministry of Finance in Tanzania

- The Ministry of Finance in Kenya

- Ministry of roads In Kenya



- Municipalities

- Civil society


- Is the project suffering cost overrun?

- Is the project suffering delays in implementation?

- In the case the actual investment cost is higher than excepted, is the economic net present value still positive?

- Are contractual arrangements in place improving the co-ordination of different stakeholders towards achievement-oriented results?

- What are the forms of the contract (legal or implicit)?

- East African Community-Head Infrastructure

- EAC Engineers



- J. Burrow

- GIBB Africa

- China Geo


- How will maintenance of the road be assured?

- What are the main sources of difficulty/obstacles to maintain results in the long run?

- Tanzania Road Fund

- Kenya Roads Board


Bank performance

- Have Bank procedures facilitated the project implementation?

- Have recipient countries and executing agencies complained about the Bank’s procurement procedures? Why?

- What arrangements has the Bank put in place to promptly react to exogenous, unpredictable, events?

- How has the Bank project component performed in comparison with other project components?

- What was the role of the Bank in the overall project conception and design?

- What role played the Bank in establishing a political dialogue with the government of the concerned countries?


- AfDB Regional Offices


- KENha