Understanding business model in the Internet of Things industry

ConcettaMetalloa, Rocco Agrifoglio, Francesco Schiavone, Jens Mueller


Multiple case study

Using an explorative sequential approach through the multiple-case study method, we apply the “Canvas Business Model” framework to explore the business model of three companies operating in IoT industry, namely Intel, Solair, and Apio.

Intertwining the internet of things and consumers’ behaviour science: Future promises for businesses

Caputo Francescoa, Scuotto Veronica, Carayannis Elias, Cillo Valentina


Empirical paper (motivation theory)

The objective of this study is to offer an explorative, quantitative study on the IoTs to enhance the existing knowledge and support business in the process of engaging more users and creating new personalised products.

An experimental study of a reliable IoT gateway

Byungseok Kang Hyunseung Choo


Conceptual Paper

This paper introduced an experimental study of a reliable and self-configurable IoT gateway that is developed in a laboratory testbed by using the IoTivity framework.

IoT Data Provenance Implementation Challenges

Adel Alkhalil, Rabie A. Ramadan


Literature Review

This paper aims to establish a starting point towards addressing security and privacy challenges of IoT by suggesting the implementation of data provenance in IoT.

Secure IoT Devices for the Maintenance of Machine Tools

Stefano Tedeschia, Jörn Mehnena, Nikolaos Tapogloua, Rajkumar Roya


Literature Review

This paper introduced a global strategy for secure Design for IoT which includes: safe solutions for environments with rich information, guarantee that the devices are functioning as intended by the manufacturer and are not damaged, life cycle security across devices, networks and data centers, support for industry standards and interoperability of devices, ability to solve the challenges of the information link, secure clouds for traditional systems.

Design and implementation of an IoT gateway to create smart environments

Andr’eGl’oria, Francisco Cercas, NunoSouto


Conceptual paper

The paper presents a proposal of a practical implementation for an IoT gateway dedicated to real-time monitoring and remote control of a swimming pool. Based on a Raspberry Pi, the gateway allows bidirectional communication and data exchange between the user and the sensor network implemented on the environment using an Arduino.

The Internet of Things: Are you ready for what’s coming?

Ted Saarikko, Ulrika H. Westergren, Tomas Blomquist


Literature Review

This study reviewed the complexity of the IoT, the complexities of an increasingly interconnected environment, and the increasing need to develop partnerships in order to create IoT based innovative solutions.

Utilising the Internet of Things for the Management of Through-life Engineering Services on Marine Auxiliaries

Moritz von Stietencron, Carl Christian Røstad, Bjørnar Henriksen, Klaus-Dieter Thoben


Literature Review

This paper presents a solution approach and its prototypical implementation utilising the Internet of Things (IoT) to aid the marine auxiliaries’ producers in the process of managing the product usage phase and its services.

Adoption of Internet of Things in India: A test of competing models using a structured equation modeling approach

Monika Mital, Victor Chang, Praveen Choudhary, Armando Papa, Ashis K. Pani



Paper-Structured Equation Modeling

This study explored the adoption of Internet of Things from a multiple theory perspective, namely, The Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA), The Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) and The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM).