Theme/Code from FGD

Factor/Category (SPSS Code)


ž Competition

ž Societal Issues & Opportunity

ž Challenges/barriers/risk

ž Failure/shutdown possibilities

ž Consumer psyche/mindset

ž Trader mindset

ž Market acceptance

Business Potential


The overall viewpoint on supporting or otherwise entrepreneurial environment & ecosystem in the country is termed as business potential.

ž Resources (Capital)

ž Ecosystem

ž Early guidance

ž Active government support

ž Startup climate



The support system as initiated by government & non-government agencies is majorly towards hard and soft “Infrastructure”.

ž Ideation

ž Luck/chance event

ž Innovation

ž Operations

ž Overcoming barriers

ž Management/planning



Business venture in the pursuit of management brings in many Managerial issues and concerns time to time.

ž Entrepreneur-defined (knowledge)

ž Entrepreneurship-explained (knowledge)

ž Career plans

ž Goal/ambition

ž Initiation/spark/ignition

ž Short term gain focus



Sufficient inner drive is the pre-requisite for someone to plunge into entrepreneurship which to a large extent determined by personal factors.

ž Attitude

ž Personality/traits

ž Conviction/persuasion

ž Motivation

ž Success stories (learning)



At a sub-conscious level various psychological determinants propel an individual toward entrepreneurship.

ž National culture

ž Changing Indian society

ž Business community

ž Social acceptance



Positive societal change process, given a rise in demographic dividend forms impactful Social factors

ž Support

ž Collaboration

ž Family background

ž Family support



Although family background is not a pre-requisite, a moral and/or financial support from family plays a pivotal role.