Emissions reduction field

Emissions reduction means

Input link

To minimize the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, agricultural film and other chemicals, to increase the use of bio-organic fertilizer and promote biological pest control technology; to improve the efficiency of agricultural machinery; to reduce dependence on installation-agriculture; actively to use clean and renewable energy.

Production process

To promote shallow plowing and no-plowing techniques and implement fallow and rotation tillage system; to practice micro-irrigation and smart irrigation technology and develop water-saving agriculture; to implement land use and conservation combination, comprehensively to protect land resources and reduce soil desertification and alkalization phenomenon; to build effective three-dimensional agro-ecological chain and realize agriculture’s structural rationalization and agro-biodiversity; to practice plant residues back to farmland system and increase soil organic matters.

Consumption link

To minimize agricultural processing link and increase the consumption of primary agricultural products; to reduce waste in agricultural consumption process; to practice the localized and seasonal consumption of agricultural products.

Agricultural carbon sink

To put an end to deforestation phenomenon and vigorously to carry out afforestation activities; fully to promote desert control, sand fixation and sealing and silviculture activities, and actively to develop desert agriculture and tourism agriculture; vigorously to protect wetlands and wildlife habitat and restore biodiversity to improve self-healing capacity of agro-ecological system.