Existing Secure Data Aggregation Technique

Proposed SAC-TA Approach

1) The cluster head can be easily attacked by the malicious attacker.

2) The base station cannot ensure the correctness of the aggregate data send to it if the cluster head is compromised.

3) The power consumption at the nodes is increased, due to the transmission of several copies of the aggregate data to the base station.

4) Moreover, data aggregation results in the changes in the data received from the sensor nodes.

5) It is a really challenging task to provide authentication of data authentication along with data aggregation.

6) Due to these contradictory objectives, data aggregation and security protocols must be designed together, to enable aggregation of data without sacrificing security.

1) Identification of the false injection attack is performed based on the traffic analysis at the time of route discovery process.

2) One-time key generation step is introduced to eliminate the malicious nodes from the network.

3) It helps to identify the false data on the gathered data to provide the secure data gathering environment.

4) The proposed approach results in the reduction of the energy consumption rate to gather the data from diverse sensor nodes.

5) It automatically improves the residual energy, because half of the sensor nodes are alive at the end of the gathering process.

6) The data aggregation accuracy is improved by using the proposed technique. This results in the improvement of the network performance.