C 0 , , C 3

contacts of the Hall-plate

f ( x , y , z )

special function expresses the trans-resistances of the Hall-plate

r 1

radius of the hole in the unit disk

R k l , m n

trans-resistances of the Hall-plate

R sheet

sheet resistance of the Hall-plate


van der Pauw function

X , Y

coordinates in the van der Pauw plane

X 0 , Y 0

X , Y for Hall-plates without a hole

X 1 , Y 1

X , Y for Hall-plates in the limit of a very large hole

χ 0 , χ 1

angles in the van der Pauw plane

ϕ 0

electric potential at zero magnetic field

φ 1 , , φ 3

general azimuthal coordinates of the contacts

κ ξ , η

Cartesian components of the conductivity tensor in the ζ -plane


exponent used in the large hole approximation

ζ 0 , , ζ 5

specific locations in the ζ -plane

denotes parameters for a star-configuration of the contacts

K , E , Π , K , E

elliptic integrals and complementary ones


Jacobi-zeta function


modular lambda elliptic function

am , sn , cn , dn , sc

Jacobi functions