Target hierarchy

First grade index

Second grade index

Stampede risk happened in stadium

A1 Disaster-bearing body risk (0.1638)

B1 Risk of high density of crowd (0.1653)

B2 Risk of accelerated flow of crowd (0.4715)

B3 Risk of intense status of crowd (0.2550)

B4 Risk of improper management of crowd (0.1083)

A2 Disaster-pregnant environment risk (0.2973)

B5 Risk of bottle neck area of stadium (0.1151)

B6 Risk of crossing area of stadium (0.1733)

B7 Risk of step gradient in the stadium (0.2699)

B8 Risk of wet road in the stadium (0.0864)

B9 Risk of enough exits in the stadium (0.3554)

A3 Disaster-causing factor risk (0.5390)

B10 Risk of rumor spread by the crowd (0.2022)

B11 Risk of improper transfer of information (0.2618)

B12 Risk of unexpected natural disaster (0.0853)

B13 Risk of unexpected accident (0.3473)

B14 Risk of unexpected damage of building (0.1035)