The Public Crisis Event


Affordable housing with Six Consecutive Numbers in Wuhan

There was a affordable housing project with bid-to-cover ratio reaching to 40:1 at downtown in Wuhan, however, six consecutive certificate number of affordable housing had been gotten by six purchasers strangely, and the probability of it was only quadrillionth. Hence, the public thought that the government had behaved affectedly in this event, in which six purchasers had obtained subscription qualification at the same time and same downtown with the same fake material. Amid skepticism from the public, more and more Shady Deal had emerged from the black.

Virustat was used to feed children in a Kindergarten at Xi’an

In 10th Mar. 2014, a parent had announced via microblog that unknown medicine was used to feed children in SQLF Fengyun Kindergarten in Shanxi Province, and it was said ABOB on the white pills, which was commonly known as Virustat, a kind of antiviral drug, after inquiring certain materials by the parent latterly, which had provoked discontent among the parents. The event was continuously in fermentation, in the same year of 12th, Mar., the parents were gathered at SQLF Hongji Newtown Kindergarten as well because of feeding their children Virustat.

Land Acquisition Case in Pingdu City

A tent was on fire in a field at Duanjiatuan Village of Fengtai Street of Pingdu City of Shandong Province, and 1 farmer had been died of the fire and 3 farmers had been injured in the fire. Later, Grabbing Corpse Disturbance had been occurred on the scene. It was said by some villagers that a large number of policemen with shield and crabstick on hand intruded into the scene where the villagers are trying their best to protect the corpse. The villagers were conflicted with the policemen, who were soon segregated by the policemen. Contradiction had been generated because of land acquisition. The next day, municipal propaganda department of Pingdu had acknowledged on microblog that the developer in the event was involved with delict. After the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Committee of the CPC had involved in the event, the fact of it had been known by the public.

Waifs were frozen to death in dustbin in Bijie City

In 16th, Nov., 2012, five boys were found passed away in dustbin at certain street of Bijie City. A preliminary investigation by local police station found that these boys were died of carbon monoxide poisoning because of getting warm by the fire. As the news spread out, broad attention had been attracted from the public. In 2011, eight ministries and commissions, such as Ministry of Civil Affairs and Ministry of Public Security, had issued notice jointly, in which a special campaign named as Waif Go Home had been carried out and a target, no waif should stay in the street, had to be realized by the end of 2012. Why were the five boys free from the salvation from the Department of social Security? It was the absence of responsibilities of related personnel and it was the fault of government sector and social salvage service.