What do you think is the current need for improvement in company training? (Multiple choices, limited to 3 items):

□ Teacher’s Choice

□ Time Schedule

□ Content selection

□ Evaluation of effect

□ Form of training

3. Survey of Training Needs (please tick “√” in the answer “□”). If you choose “Others”, please briefly describe in the space.)


You think that the training focus of the company should be (multiple choices, limited to 3 items):

□Corporate culture

□ Joining education

□ Rules and regulations

□ Professional skills

□ Management skills

□ Marketing strategy

□ Echelon and reserve personnel training

□ Others


The frequency with which you want to participate in various company training is:

□ once a week

□ twice a month

□ once a month

□ once every two months

□ once every quarter


You think the best source of instructors for company training is:

□Inside the company

Inside the department

□ Inside the section

□ Others


Your favorite training method is:

□ lectures in class □ case studies

□ simulation operations

□ Audiovisual Multimedia

□ Game Contest □ Seminar

□ Others


You want the trainer’s style to be:

□ rich knowledge □ eloquent

□ vivid and humorous □ rational


You want to schedule training sessions at:

□ Working hours □ Night time

□ Weekend time □ Others


The length of each training you want is:

□ Half an hour to one hour

□ One hour to two hours

□ more than two hours

□ no matter


You personally feel that there is the following confusion in your work? (please fill out the facts, you can choose more!)

□ High work pressure, sometimes depressed or depressed due to work reasons {Consider the introduction of Stress and Emotion Management}.

□ Work tasks have a lot of personal feelings, and they always feel busy and busy. {Consider introducing Time Management}.

□ When and colleagues to do together, feeling a lack of communication smooth {consider the introduction of “teamwork and communication management”}.

□ When work colleagues and made into a disagreement, sometimes I do not know what to do, or not feeling well after the treatment effect {consider the introduction of “interpersonal and conflict management”}.

□ Personally feel that the work has been hard, but the goal is still not complete, or the leader sometimes feels dissatisfied {Consider the introduction of “Management and execution of objectives”}.

□ In daily activities, some of the individuals’ behaviors do not know whether they are appropriate or not, and whether they meet the requirements of etiquette {consider the introduction of “business etiquette”}.

□ Other (please specify)





In terms of professional knowledge and theory, combined with your personal career development plan, please list three aspects that you personally feel most need to improve:




IV. Training Suggestions (If you have any good suggestions for the training of the company, please put it in the table below, thank you!!!)