1 - 5 points

Creative ideas

I will focus on issues that are not common in my work

I will look for opportunities to improve the organization, department, workflow, or service.

I will come up with new ideas or new solutions to the problems that arise in my work.

I will look at the problems in my work from different perspectives to gain more insight.

I will try out new ideas or new solutions.

I will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of new ideas and choose the best solution.

Innovative behavior implementation

I will try to convince others of the importance of new ideas.

I will take the initiative to promote the new idea and give it a chance to be implemented.

I would risk it to support new ideas or methods.

I'm going to do something that might benefit the organization.

When applying new methods to work processes, I try to fix the bugs that arise from the new approach.

I will apply new ideas and methods to daily work to improve workflow, technology, products, or services.