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benevolence leadership

The leader is concerned about the personal life of the employees.

Leaders often ask questions about their employees.

Leaders always help employees when they need help.

Leaders will analyze every employee and meet their needs when they need help.

The leader has a timely understanding of my life and family situation.

The leader will not embarrassed me in front of my colleagues

moral leadership

The leader is just

Leaders treat employees sincerely and truthfully.

Leaders don't pull strings because of their own interests.

Leaders lead by example in their work.

Authoritarianism leadership

The leader will not disclose the relevant information of the enterprise to me.

All business affairs are controlled by the leader.

All the business affairs of the enterprise are controlled by the leader.

When working with leaders, they feel the pressure.

When the task is not complete, the leader will scold me directly.

The leader will let the staff work according to his will.