Ø Control of investment in assets.

Ø Decision-making in financial projects.

Ø Decision making in financing alternatives.

Ø Follow-up of financial and accounting plans.

Ø Analysis of the operating costs of your organization.

Ø When analyzing the income statement of your organization.

Ø Measuring the profitability of your organization.

Ø perform accounting control.

Ø When analyzing the expiration of customer payments.

Economic decisions

Ø Decision-making oriented to monitoring and market growth.

Ø Proposal of alternatives for conflict resolution in the internal and external scope of the organization with the clients.

Ø Responsibility for making decisions focused on achieving sales objectives.

Ø Follow-up on customer complaints.

Ø Planning in the sales area.

Ø Analysis of the service provided.

Ø Measurement of the quality of the service provided.

Ø Retention of clients.

Ø Actions in the face of poor service attention.

Ø Flexibility that your organization has to deliver unexpected orders.

Client orientation

Ø Verbal communication (includes listening).

Ø Time and stress management.

Ø Management of individual decisions.

Ø Recognition, definition and resolution of problems.

Ø Motivation and influence on others.

Ø Delegation.

Ø Goal setting and vision creation.

Ø Management of work teams.

Ø Conflict management.

Ø Stress management.

Ø Self-knowledge.

Ø Motivation and influence in others.


Ø Analysis of the performance of your internal processes.

Ø Assignment of tasks for the execution and fulfillment of the service itineraries.

Ø Programming of transport units assignment.

Ø Planning and estimation of routes and destinations.

Ø Assignment of alternative solutions for technical and organizational problems.

Ø Analysis of transport infrastructure.

Ø Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Ø Promotion of systems and projects of internal processes.

Ø Comply with current safety rules and regulations regarding transportation.

Ø Planning and estimating routes and destinations.

Internal process

Ø Training, delegation and coordination of personnel.

Ø Development of programs aimed at increasing productivity in support staff.

Ø Supervision of the personnel in charge.

Ø Staff evaluation.

Ø Responsibility in making technical and organizational decisions.

Ø Assertive communication in the transmission of instructions.

Ø Promotion of work organization.

Ø Organizational culture.

Ø Promote the organization of work.

Ø Development of worker productivity.

Human Resource