1. What do you think about active learning before taking physics as a course?

1. All preservice teachers agreed that they are not sure what is active learning and how it would be taught in physics lessons

2. What was your thinking of your problem-solving skills before considering physics as a course?

2. 95% of preservice teachers think that their problem-solving skills are not good and others were not sure of how to define this skill

3. What was your thinking about active learning activities?

3. All preservice teachers think that active learning activities are good and useful, it gives them room to work on their own and, think pair and share

4. What do you think of your problem-solving skills after you finish the physics course?

4. 99% of preservice teachers think that their problem-solving consisting of 4 steps, is better due to them learning using an active learning approach. 1% of preservice teachers think that most likely their problem-solving skills have improved because of both their interest in physics and the pragmatics learning style.

5. Would you recommend active learning in basic physics to others? If yes why?

5. All preservice teachers would recommend using active learning in other physics lessons because they feel more enjoyable and safe in their classrooms.