Source and map scale


Digital Elevation Map (DEM)

ASTER 30 m resolution

Climatic data

Mean monthly and daily precipitation, maximum and minimum temperature, solar radiation, wind speed, relative humidity, potential evaporation

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) Climatological tables (1951-1980); Daily rainfall data available for raingauges in the watershed (1990-2010) from Water Resource Development Organisation, Government of Karnataka.

Soil-physical data

Soil characteristics (% silt, sand, clay, rocks), field capacity, wilting point, hydraulic conductivity, depth to water table, properties for different soil layers varying with depth

National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land use planning (NBSS & LUP); NATMO, and Department of Science and Technology 1981, West India Soil Maps, USDA Soil Taxonomy, 1:100,000

Land use data

Ground cover

Landsat (ETM+) image and updated from Quick Bird (0.6 m resolution) images

Gauge data

Daily river flows

State Water Resource Department, Karnataka