Quality Model


McCall quality model [13]

This quality model has three quality of software product: according to this model “Reusability quality factor” show the quality of product as a form of product transition that means adaptability to new environment with the help of generality and self documentation quality criteria.

Dromey quality model [14]

Dromey proposed a framework for evaluate requirement design and implementation phase. The high level software product properties for the implementation include ‘reusability as the quality criteria of Dromey quality mode.

Boehm quality model [15]

Boehm quality model used reusability as the quality factor to accomplish the completeness criteria to automatics and qualitative evaluate the quality of software.

FURPS model [16]

FURPS model extended by IBM Rational software used “reusability as the quality factor” in FURPS QUALITY MODE to accomplish the consistency and documentation quality criteria.