The Flight Reservation App is an application that allows a user to perform and manage flight reservations. A flight reservation has a destination airport associated. Similarly, it has a departure date and, if it is not “One Way”, also a return date. A flight reservation has a class type that can be for instance: Economy, Business or First. A flight reservation must have one or more passengers associated. In turn, a passenger has an ID (e.g., Passport ID), name, date of birth, and country. When a user enters the application he may perform one of the following tasks:

· Manage his own list of passengers (typically himself, his relatives and friends), which allow him to add, edit or remove items from that list;

· Manage his own flight reservations, which allow him to add new ones, view and edit the details of an existing reservation or remove it from that list;

· Update the list of airports from an international external service.