Meaning and nature of index

Sensitivity (+)

S1 Unemployment registration rate in cities and towns

Reflecting the impact of unemployment on urban economy (+)

S2 first industry/GDP (%)

The proportion of agriculture is too large, indicating that the economy is vulnerable to natural climate factors (+)

S3 Per capita disposable income growth rate/per capita GDP growth rate

Reflecting the growth of economic growth on income growth, the lower the residents, the less share the benefits of economic growth (−)

S4 consumption rate (%)

Reflecting the state of consumption, consumption and investment (−)

S5 Financial deficits/GDP (%)

Reflecting the government’s financial risks and operational capacity (+)

S6 Degree of dependence on foreign trade (%)

Reflecting the imbalance between domestic demand and external demand (+)

S7 bank credit/GDP (%)

Reflecting the risks of credit to economic fluctuations (+)

S8 Energy consumption per unit GDP (ton standard coal/10,000 yuan)

Reflecting the energy saving and consumption reduction in energy consumption (+)

S9 Total amount of industrial wastewater discharge (10,000 tons)

Reflecting the negative impact of industrialization on the environment (+)



R1 Per capita GDP (yuan)

Reflecting the macroeconomic basis of resilience ability of economic system (+)

R2 Proportion of urban population (%)

Reflecting the level of urbanization development (+)

R3 Actual utilization of foreign investment/GDP (%)

Reflecting on the contribution of foreign capital utilization to economic growth (+)

R4 Per capita investment in fixed assets (yuan)

Reflecting the level of investment per capita (+)

R5 R & D expenditure/GDP (%)

Reflecting the level of science and technology and the power of economic development in the future

R6 Proportion of employees in third industry (%)

Reflecting the socialization degree of production and the level of market economic development (+)

R7 Fiscal expenditure/revenue (%)

Reflecting the self satisfaction ability of local government financial expenditure (−)

R8 Loan-to-deposit ratio

Reflecting the bank’s ability to cope with liquidity shocks and matching ability of loan and deposit (−)

R9 Urban sewage discharge rate

Reflecting the city sewage treatment situation (+)

R10 Standard rate of industrial wastewater discharge (%)

Reflecting the effectiveness of pollution control (+)