Effectual reasoning principle

Themes from the data

Complementor strategies

Exploiting and leveraging environmental contingencies

Partnership Benefits

Size and Reach of the platforms

Reading Data

- Establish relationships with other actors in the market

- Getting help in marketing and creating new opportunities of reaching more customers

- Using a platform as a source of unexpected data

Emphasizing strategic alliances and pre-commitments

Collaboration with healthcare industry

- Opportunity to self-select appropriate pilot users and partners

- Forming alliances to shaping user experience, improve storage of data, invest in marketing and scale business

- Possibility of engaging other complementors in investing in joint ventures

Controlling the unpredictable future

Partnership Benefits

Size and Reach of the platforms

Writing data


- Possibility of co-creating value with existing platform participants

- Grow with the platform

- Staying ahead of the competitors by creating future user experience from the data in the platform

- Leverage in marketing efforts

- Possibilities of introducing offerings to market

Affordable loss

Collaboration with healthcare industry

- Possibility of testing new product or service in an environment familiar to end users