British Association for the Study of Headache (BASH)

Classified as a third-line prophylactic treatment. “SSRIs are of uncertain value. Fluoxetineb 20 mg alter die to 40 mg od is best studied with inconclusive evidence of efficacy against migraine” [ 7 ]

Canadian Headache Society (CHS)

Venlafaxineb is classified as a “weak recommendation, low quality evidence... We recommend that clinicians offer venlafaxineb extended release at a target dose of 150 mg per day to eligible patients for migraine prophylaxes” [ 8 ]

European Federation of Neurological Sciences (EFNS)

“For femoxetineb, two small, positive placebo controlled trials have been published” [ 9 ]

“Fluoxetineb in doses between 10 and 40 mg was effective in three and not effective in one placebo controlled trial” [ 9 ]

“Venlafaxineb extended release (dose 75 - 150 mg) has shown efficacy in one placebo controlled and two open trials and can therefore be recommended as a second-choice anti-depressant in migraine prophylaxis (second to amitriptyline)”