Land use/cover category


Description of the categories according to the study area

Agricultural Lands

“This applies to plants without persistent stem or shoots above ground and lacking definite firm structure” [41] . The cover duration is limited to the harvest stage. This category also can be defined as “Urban Vegetated Area” which includes vegetated areas that are enclosed by any kind of urban construction. These areas form isolated patches within the urban area. In addition to irrigated crop.

According to the field observation, most of the agricultural lands are date trees with combined with the mixed crop in between.

Urban lands

“Non-linear built up areas covered by impervious structures adjacent to or connected by streets. This cover is related to centers of population” [41] [42] .

Mixed urban or built-up land (e.g., Residential, commercial, industrial, etc.). But the main impact factor is residential areas with high population figures.

Barren lands and sand dunes

“Areas that are primarily bare usually described by a geologist, soil scientist or geomorphologist (using technical terms like granite rock, rendzina, sand dunes, etc.” The major land cover type Bare Areas is therefore described mainly b the appearance of the surface [41] .

Mostly arable lands covered by sand dunes or mountain areas