Measurement Items

Success Dimension

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The GIS software contains all the features and functions required to perform the required tasks


System Quality

Hardware and operating system response time are acceptable

Response Time

Server downtime typically 8 hours or less per year


all failures (including server, network, and software) are less than 40 hours downtime per year

GIS software is user-friendly

User Friendless

It is easy to recover from errors encountered while using GIS software

Error Recovery

The database content is secured

Database Content

Data backup is maintained throughout the organization

The database content is regularly updated throughout the organization

The database contains accurate data

The database contains all needed data for related tasks

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Comfort to use

Self Efficacy

User Quality

Capable to do

Understand what to do

Confidence to use

Spatial ability test

Spatial Abilities

[18] [29] [59] [61] [67] [69]

the GIS provides the accurate information you need


Information Quality

the GIS provides sufficient information


the information on the map is easy to understand

Ease of Interpretation

the information provided meet your needs regarding your questions or problems


the GIS provides reliable information


the GIS provide up to date information


the information on digital or hardcopy maps are clear


[63] [69]

you are pleased with the GIS

Technology Satisfaction

User Satisfaction

you like to use the GIS

you are willing to use the GIS

Overall, how would you rate your satisfaction with the GIS?

Overall Satisfaction

[76] [77]

To what extent do you actually use the reports or the output generated by the GIS?

Information Use

To what extent could you get along without the use of the GIS?

What is the level of importance of decisions affected by the generated information?

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Using GIS save time required for making decisions

Time saving

Net Benefits to Individuals

As a result of GIS, I am better able to set my priorities in decision making

Enhanced Decision Making

GIS has improved the quality of decisions I make in this organization (decisions are more accurate and correct)

As a result of GIS, the speed at which I analyze decisions has increased