QP Involvement


Fully independent check, comprising as appropriate:

Ÿ Parallel calculations carried out separately from the designer’s calculations

Ÿ Parallel testing carried out separately from the manufacturer’s testing


Review/Survey of the activity, comprising any of the following:

Ÿ Review of design, manufacture and test calculations, drawings, procedures, certificates and records to confirm compliance with applicable codes, also correctness of inputs and conclusions

Ÿ Verify completeness of procedure and personnel qualifications

Ÿ Attendance during manufacture/construction/testing to verify compliance with approved documentation


Spot check/audit of activity based on adequate QA/QC activities (assurance processes), comprising any of the following:

Ÿ Monitoring of construction activities

Ÿ Sampling of documentation to verify activities being carried out and recorded

Ÿ Review of product/manufacturers certificates