MI Modality Used (Exclusive of Verbal-Linguistic and Logical-Mathematical)

Specific Targeted Genetic/Genomic Words and Concepts

Culturally-Competent Application

Visual-Spatial Intelligence

Molecular evolution and population genetics (e.g., biological coalescence theory)

Development of physical models to represent the historical merging of lineages while incorporating unique aspects of AA population history.



Genomic processes (e.g., gradualism, punctuated evolution, adaptation, genetic drift, mutation, coevolution, stasis, randomness)

Use of different percussion sounds at variable frequencies and intensities to imitate changes in gene frequencies associated with adaptation over time.



Human chromosome behavior (e.g., Mitosis, meiosis), Molecular management of gene regulation (e.g., transcription, translation)

Performance of a choreographed dance to funk genre (e.g. a blend of soul, jazz and rhythm and blues music) with shifting rhythms and call out verbalizations.

Interpersonal Intelligence

DNA structure, replication, and DNA manipulation

Collaboration in the composition of spoken word raps.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

Genetic code (e.g., structure, function, interactions)

Focus on the individual (e.g., who am I, why am I special and unique?)

Naturalistic Intelligence

Genetic linkage and mapping (e.g., protein synthesis, DNA replication, recombination, crossing-over)

Use of cultural metaphors and narratives in the AA oral tradition involving Nature and naturalistic phenomena, including the themes of popular stories of comedic routines.